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DBA Services

Our comprehensive, proven solutions help you ensure simplify systems management and eliminate unnecessary dependency for the administration where system can take care of self. Cut E-Business Suite clone cycle time by almost half and tune your day to day operations. Reduce your patching efforts and allow system availability to its maximum time. We perform complete review of the system and work along with your team to achieve the acceptable performance. Read more..

EBS Service

What we aim to offer is continuous process enhancements to the current Oracle deployed at your site. This can be addressed by way of continuous monitoring of the existing processes, trainings imparted, thorough review of the system and recommendations, KPI’s monitoring and many such services. Read more..

Oracle EBS Audit

There cannot be an out of box ERP system which will match the business processes of big, complex organizations. Same holds true for Oracle eBS 11i/R12 applications. Implementation of these systems can be very comlex involving thousands of setups and configurations. Read more..


Every organization identifies the business goals during an ERP selection process, and selects the most suited ERP for the organization. But often the path to reach the business goals is forgotten. In an ERP implementation, providing training to the key stakeholders is equally important for the optimal usage of the system which shall then lead to the achievement of the business goals. Read more..

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