Business Intelligence

  • Industry specific Dashboards,
  • Process Level/Role Specific BI Solutions,
  • ERP Integrated BI Solutions,
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics using R
  • Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis


With our Intuitive Business Intelligence Solutions, we promise to take you on a Journey of Data Discovery and help you uncover and be certain of what is happening with your business and more importantly, why is it happening. Navigating through Business, the smart way, is not limited to understanding our own business but extends to building adaptability to circumstances and remain relevant and competitive at all points in time.


Real Time BI Solutions is key to meeting these challenges by better positioning ourselves with Information and Insights and capitalizing on opportunities at the right time.


With rich knowledge of Business Cycle across various industries paired with extensive experience on deploying technology solutions, we are best equipped to lead you through the journey of setting up a lasting Business Intelligence Experience. Our role in definition of business processes for organizations including start-ups, design of integrated ERP and Business application solutions, delivering process improvement and automation solutions gives us an exclusive position to envision and design customized Business Intelligence solutions.


Our unique position to service your BI needs is further strengthened by

  • A comprehensive industry wise KPI Library for a quick start
  • Role/Process Specific Dashboard Templates for plug and play
  • ERP Integrated BI Solutions for quick Data extraction ease
  • Integration of Process Maps (like Microsoft Visio) with BI to comprehend the interdependencies and linkages