Business Process Advisory

Business Process Advisory

Business Process Definition

Depth Consulting has provided the necessary assistance to large financial service organizations in the start up stage to define cross functional processes to ensure a smooth kick start to the operations. Integrating the risk compliance procedures to the definition process has been the key focus of such assignments with a view to ensure that the process matures with every upgrade of its component to meet business requirements.

Maturity Assessments

Inter organization dependencies, need for integration with external environment for customer delivery, sometimes renders the processes ineffective or exposed to unadjudged risks. Hence, the need for assessment of process to measure its maturity index and benchmarking against best practices.

Depth Consulting, has to it’s credit, similar such engagements for multiple customer and partner delivering processes. Time tested measurement tools viz Six Sigma techniques, are put to use for this along with some innovative simple to use techniques for arriving at the scores of the processes objectively.

Standard Operating Procedures

An important dimension of creating standardized processes is to align people to the objective and develop simple to use training procedures.

Depth Consulting is into the service of creating simplistic versions of standard operating procedures that are focuses on ready to use resources for process standardization and imparting training to people. Digital verson of SOP’s, Input-Output model of SOP development, parellel assessment of risk index are some of the USP’s of the SOP solution delivered by Depth.

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