Compliance Reporting and Audits

Compliance Reporting and Audits

Internal Controls Reporting Framework

Primary output of Risk Assessment are controls which needs to be setup, monitored for effectiveness and upgraded when necessary. Most of these controls can be measured with existing data points and definition of thresholds suitable for the organization. Most of the times, these control KPI’s can give a a 360 degree view of the process maturity and helps judge if the process is meeting its objective.

Depth Consulting works on setting up and monitoring of these internal control KPI’s in the form of crisply defined dashboards. This includes periodic reporting to the CXO’s on the KPI’s scores of the control dimensions (financial as well as operational) and also throws open the factors that lead to a gap in the score.

Regulatory Compliance Assessments

Regulatory compliance is a key focus area of financial services organization and most often than not, the costs of non compliance are far too heavy and erode on reputation and cannot justify the absence of spending on compliance.

Here again, Depth Consulting provides assistance to companies to monitor the areas within the ambit of regulatory compliance. Definition of processes taking into account compliance dimensions, audit of partner accounts and outsourced activities to ensure that there are no non compliances also falls within the scope of services.

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