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Businesses which are growing at a fast pace, need effective Information technology to handle their businesses for key decision making. In order to operate efficiently, these companies are adopting different systems to improve their business processes. Companies are keen to implement automated solutions which are provided by End-to-End enterprise solutions. These Solutions provide visibility to the clients in decision making by providing intelligent data, they improvise their workflows thus bringing inadequate controls and also bring efficiencies in customer servicing. Enterprise Solutions are large-scale software packages that are capable of tracking and controlling all complex operations of a business and providing intelligent MIS. These systems act as a central command hub to help automate the business and make reporting and decision making easier.

Gone are those days where Enterprise Function was considered as a cost center for an organization. They are the strategic group that helps in cost optimization and IT transformation.

Being an Oracle Gold Partner, what Depth aims to offer is continuous improvement in the efficiencies in the existing Enterprise Solutions Deployed at a client. Our services range from Pre-implementation Advisory, EBS implementations, Program Management, and Process Automation and much more. With our in-depth domain expertise on the products, processes and industries and a team of consistent and strong Oracle professionals, we strive to provide the best in breed solutions to our clients

Our Services in Enterprise Solutions

Pre-Implementation Advisory

Companies are becoming more aware and conscious about choosing the right Enterprise solutions, a perfect partner who can convert their requirements to the solutions and an apt sustainable design for their operations. With our combined experience of 70 + years, Depth can guide you in Technology Evaluation, RFP preparation, vendor selection, validation of RFP responses, RFP scorecards etc during the pre-implementation stage.

Implementation and Roll-outs

Depth cater’s to a wide variety of industries and verticals to address their Enterprise Solutions needs and offers end-to-end Oracle Enterprise Business Suite latest Release 12 solutions in implementations and Roll-outs. Their Expertise ranges from Oracle Financials, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Reporting on-premise modules to the Cloud Solutions of Oracle. The domain expertise of the Depth leaders play a crucial role in the design and solutioning for any customer and thus making this as their key USP to all their existing and new clientele.Dpeth offers assistance in all the implementation and rollout projects of Oracle eBusiness Suite and ensures the implementation team is able to deploy the processes which provide maximum ROI to the customer. Our Differentiating factors in any implementation are designing of the enterprise processes, designing of authorisation matrix, Re-engineering of existing processes to bring out automations and controls, designing nad development of KPI’s to monitor success and development of RICE components to achieve completeness of any solution that is deployed.

Our main focus is on Testing , Quality Assurance and performance which ensures smooth and steady deployment of Oracle eBusiness Suite. We also leverage on our vast domain expertise and have created ready to deploy tools and an accelerated metholdology for any implementation using Oracle’s approved implementation methodology.

Depth also provides package support services (functional/technical/DBA) under offshore/onsite models post implementation. The benefit of such services is that the customer gets complete application support under one umbrella with Depth, where we have an integrated team that understands the complete architecture and can serve the customer better. Due to the package model, it also provides ample cost benefits. Various models for support services are worked out depending upon the client needs.

Release 12 Upgrades

With the increasing need to be upbeat with the latest technology and softwares, many organziations are expressing their needs to upgrade to the latest environment of their enterprise solutions. At Depth, we have created a specialised team who assists customers in their Oracle eBusiness Suite upgrades in the limited time period without affecting the business operations. Our automated tools and accelerated upgrade methodology ensures shortening the implementation timelines to 60%.Success factor – Upgrade for a manufacturing organization completed in less than 24 hours.

Program Management

Depth also provides valued program management services to clientele during the implementation phase of the project so that the project sees a successful and timely completion. Various models are followed in providing program management services which include mix bag of offshore/onsite models.

Process Automations

Depth specializes in the area of process automations and have strong customer credentials to it’s credit. More often during implementations, customers tend to follow lot of manual processes in Oracle EBS due to time constraints and sometimes ERP limitations. Our expertise is to bring about tight controls in the processes by automating some of the required processes and thus enhancing the utility of the Oracle ERP implemented.

As part of Process automations, Depth has a team which focuses on third party integrations of other applications with Oracle EBS. Depth brings vast experience in this field and has the competency to understand the complex integration architecture of the other applications. The team has the far-sightedness to anticipate bottlenecks during integration, thus deploying mitigating controls right at the inception.

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