GRC Advisory

GRC Advisory

Risk Assessments

ERM has always taken a centre stage in Risk Management initiatives. While the overall goverance tone of the top management is set by ERM, an independent evaluation of the customer delivering/cross functional processes should take priority given the diversity of the processes within an organization. ERM procedures may undergo an evaluation for an upgrade on a less frequent basis than the individual processes which may require this evaluation with every change in the dimensions of execution/delivery.

Our focus has been on extending assistance to the executing departments to conduct Risk assessments for every process executed and the impact from any change. As part of this program, developed of RCM, Risk Control Indices, Control Scoring and mitigation procedures have been developed for all operational, sales delivering as well finance processes.

Our expertise in risk assessment procedures ranges from core finance procedures, back office operations, management and financial reporting, sales delivering procedures, partner management, regulatory compliance, IT developments etc.

Governance Framework

With our involvement in many Risk assessment excercises spanning across various processes of the financial services industry, we have developed the capability to establish a functional and effective governance framework which Defines ‘What risks’, ‘Where from’ and ‘How to’ understand the risks and manage them effectively.

A good governance framework is the one that does not have an independent existence but gets imbibed within the delivering process. Our key attention has been to establish a framework which gets stitched to the organizational processes effectively and does not require concious attention too frequently. Setup of Pre emptive controls, System based controls, monthly reporting procedures with inclusion of Outlier or exception reporting has worked to address this objective effectively in our past enagements.

The employees who lead these processes are also trained to identify the risk trigger signals and look at upgrading the procedures to address risks.

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