GST Integration

This solution was developed as an Integration with Oracle ERP to comply with the changing GST compliance. With the ever-changing GST regulations, there is a constant need to build automations in the existing Oracle GST solution that is already deployed at any client.


In order to streamline the GST compliance at the vendor level, companies have taken a stand to hold the GST taxes against vendors unless the same has not been uploaded on the GST portal. In order to achieve this end-to-end automation, Depth Consulting built a completely integrated and automated solution for a leading Broking House which helped them streamline the whole process and ensure that they were compliant in the eyes of GST LAWS and manage their cash flows effectively.









This is a completely automated solution which has a two-way integration built with the GSP to comply with the latest provisions of the GST laws through their GST Software and Oracle ERP Software. The solution has multiple API’s which are being fetched in order to built the integration and automate certain processes in Oracle.


The solution reconciled the GST amounts filed by the vendors on the GST portal and basis that information fetched from the GSP, certain automation for holding GST amounts on Vendor related invoices are being done in Oracle ERP Software. There is a continuous flow of events between two systems in order to fetch the critical information required for decision making in Oracle for vendor payouts.



Benefits to Customer

  • Complete end-to-end automation achieved by the integration
  • No need of manual monitoring of GST payouts for the huge volumes of vendors
  • Reduction in manhours achieved due to the automation

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