Invoice Processing Portal

Very often companies in the BFSI sector face challenges in handling huge volumes of invoice processing documents which leads to high employee cost and maintenance cost of managing the same. The common challenges that companies face are manual data entry, inefficient storage of documents, Labour intensive process leading to human dependency, disappearing invoices as they may move multiple hands and most importantly inefficient fraud handling due to lack of approvers in place.


At Depth Consulting we realized the need for bringing a solution in place which will fill the gaps and challenges faced by Industries who have huge invoice processing volumes spread across various departments or branches.


Depth Consulting has been an integral part in designing an Invoice processing Portal for a leading Insurance Company. The solution is built for disintegrating the invoice entry process and transferring the ownership to the respective departments with adequate approvals in place. The solution can be seamlessly integrated with any ERP Software so that the process of invoice processing speeds up with adequate controls in place.



Key Elements of Solution

  • Data entry and upload facility for invoice entry on the portal with Oracle ERP masters in place
  • Duplicity of masters is avoided
  • Approvals in place for invoice processing
  • A complete Document Management System in place where invoice soft copies are stored in the system and time-based purging of the same



Key Benefits

  • Reduction in manpower in the Accounts Payable team as Invoice processing got decentralized
  • More accountability in terms of invoice processing as the onus of booking the expense is passed on the end-department
  • Complete visibility of the entire workflow from entry stage till payment
  • E-copies of documents maintained in the system leading to lower dependency on physical copies

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