Process Review/ Program Management

Deciding which ERP your business should or should not invest in is by far the most challenging task for any organization. Once ERP is selected, the challenge further expands to choosing the right implementation partner. Choosing the right implementation partner goes a long way in ensuring the success of an ERP implementation project.



Why customers choose us

  • Experienced consultants with deep product & process knowledge
  • Domain and industry knowledge of the leadership team
  • We understand your business areas impacted and application of ERP to it
  • Varied experience of implementing across industry verticals
  • Understanding on your business need and mapping the technical solution
  • Certified Project Management consultants
  • Proactive anticipation of any deviations in the project schedule or scope slippage leading to project risks that can delay the project.
  • Continuous customer engagement on regular basis throughout the project lifecycle via a series of status update meetings, steering committee meetings.
  • Equipped with proprietary programs used to leveraged data migration activities resulting in reduction of data migration timelines from legacy systems to ERP
  • End user training programs are adapted to the user dynamics of individual organizations and skilfully imparted to different user groups based on their needs and skills.



Benefits to Customer

  • Accuracy in requirement analysis and solution mapping
  • Smooth transition from legacy systems and varied data sources to a unified Enterprise wide solution
  • Views and insights on future roadmaps for roll outs to other entities
  • Process review during Mergers &Acquisition