Product Development

Achieving the next level of growth is important for any company to sustain and survive in this competitive world. Data is the foundation on which the company can maintain its growth trajectory in an effective fashion. Converting this data into assets is extremely important for organizations as it adds value to their decision making power. With the use of powerful dashboards and intelligent reporting mechanisms, companies are able to covert massive amounts of data into intelligent datapoints, thus bringing to light hidden facts and figures. These data techniques and datapoints are helping companies analyse or discover trends, markets, consumer patterns and all such key indicators responsible for growing business. At Depth, we offer a range of products and services in this area like interactive dashboards, exception reporting, KPI reporting, excel based business intelligence tools. These tools are easy to use tools with excel compatibility and are a treat for data visualization.

It is also becoming increasingly important for micro, medium, emerging, big size firms and companies to automate most of their processes with adequate controls around them. To effectively protect the data in any organization, authentication and authorization are two important aspects. Proper access control mechanisms need to be built to avoid any misuse of data by the employees. At Depth, we have partnered with Ariatech and developed such a tool in the market for access controls.

Quick Audit

Depth has partnered with Ariatech to deploy QuickAudit tool for clients which require assistance in Access Control Audits. QuickAudit is an automation for access control audits. It gives the customer an in-depth view of the user access in Oracle and SAP environment. It uses Identify, Remediates and Prevent as part of its control mechanism. Identity – provides comprehensive reports that identify user access control exceptions which could be a cause of a potential fraud in a detailed manner. Users with excessive access can be a potential risk to the organization as they may carry out fraudulent activities which are beyond their boundaries by purview of the access provided to them. In order to control this, various reports are extracted in this tool which assists organizations in identifying such user access issues. Remediate – Once the risk is identified due to conflicting access it will need to be addressed. Remediate helps address the risk by segregation of duties, or putting in mitigation plan in place In case the access is unavoidable or justified acceptance of the user access conflicts. By resolving the access control issues in either way makes the organization security compliant in a guaranteed manner. Prevent – The Quick Manage part of Quick Audit tools helps organizations to be compliant by adopting preventive measures to identify the potential user conflicts. Use the identification process to identify the SoD conflicts and excessive access before it ever enters your system and address it then and there.

Reporting Solutions

The collective experience of the leadership team spanning across 70+ years, spread over IT, Consulting, Audit and Industry domain, has led to the discovery of various dashboards for KPI reporting relevant to the CXO’s of any organization. The team at Depth has built inhouse various dashboard reporting which facilitates easy and quick reporting to the management on certain key performance indicators. Our reporting tool is user friendly and excel based and allows the Finance/Operations/IT teams to present data in various forms like excel, charts, graphs, tables and any other visualisations that the user can think of. This reporting tool is built over the data provided from any ERP system the organization sits on. The tool provides a mixture of interactive and static reports for what if analysis and other important decision making parameters which help the client translate the data into actionable information.
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