Segregation of Entities

A niche solution designed by DEPTH CONSULTING for Segregation of Entities in Oracle E-Business Suite across all modules. It is compatible with Oracle EBS Release 12.1.x and higher version of Oracle E-Business Suite.








Incase there are multiple entities implemented at client, this service/solution can be used in the foll ways:


  • Incase data size is huge, through this solution, older data can be purged. This helps in size reduction for test/development instances
  • Incase there are multiple entities and few of them are getting demerged, this solution can be used to segregate data for those entities
  • Incase of regulatory requirements, this service can be used to provide data to them for relevant period


This solution allows customers to segregate entities, any number of times, independently. Desired results are delivered within a few hours of executing the solution. Does not require additional software licenses. This solution can be implemented across industry verticals.

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