“The beautiful thing about learning is that No one can take it away from you” – B.B. King

Constant training programs in any organization are vital to the growth and success of any organization. Quite often, companies deploy systems and ignore the aspect of upgrading their skills to the next level. Continuous training is very important for any organization growth. Studies have proven that any organization with well trained employees shows a higher level of productivity and efficiency than another organization who lays less stress on this aspect.

In today’s dynamic and competitive business environment, training is no longer restricted to technical trainings but includes soft skill, presentation, excel, audit related trainings etc. Hence in order to help our clients achieve their targets of training, we at Depth offer a variety of trainings across Oracle ERP. These training provided by Depth not only help you to upgrade your relevant skill sets, but also enable the employees to face the diverse situations and deal with it.

“Advantages of undergoing a Training under Depth:-

  1. Training provided by Depth make the employee self sufficient
  2. Training on Oracle ERP, has helped our clients reduce their monthly reporting and period closure time by 30%
  3. Training to consulting companies has helped them bridge the gap between their clients and them leading to faster and efficient audit on Oracle ERP
  4. Training to clients has helped them build the right expectations from the product and the requirement, thus leading to successful implementations”

Corporate Training

Depth provides corporate training to different set of audience depending upon the needs. To the leadership management team trainings are provided on the overall design of an ERP and the best practises that can be deployed. Depth prepared customised training programs depending upon the client need. Oracle ERP exhaustive training programs as well as crash course training programs are conducted by Depth across their clients. These training programs are conducted onsite/offshore . The various trainings provided by Depth include – Process Owners training, Training on ERP Auditing, Training on RCA and Control Monitoring, EBS overview training to senior management, Training on Oracle Cloud Fusion to Implementation partners or Audit firms, L1, L2, DBA trainings, Technical knowhow trainings.

Some of the benefits gained by our clients by the Oracle training program are reduction in period closure time by 4 days and order processing cycle time reduced by 30%.

ERP Audit Training

Increasingly companies are laying more stress on system and security audits considering the rise in the frauds taking place in organizations. Hence audits are becoming vital for ensuring data safety and security of any organization. However, it is crucial that the auditor has a complete understanding of the ERP architecture and functionalities that he is auditing. In order to help audit firms conduct these audits, Depth assists then with ERP Audit trainings. ERP Audit trainings are programmed depending upon the Audit firms requirement and vary from a duration of 3 days to a week. During these training program, Depth provides them insights on the ERP architecture, Configurations around the ERP, Controls that can be audited in the ERP, Segregation of Duty Configuration for audit purpose, Database structure, User Security and password policy configuration and such other details.

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